Experienced professional video filming and editing
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About ME

Weddings have always been part of my life. When I was born, my parents were already established professional wedding photographers, and they continued doing this until they retired around 2012. 

After school, I studied art, design and photography at Derby Lonsdale College (now known as Derby University) and then typography at Stafford College. I then worked as a freelance graphic designer before getting a proper job at John Ball Publishing working on page layouts for several of their regional magazines.

At that time, I was heavily influenced by the films of Peter Greenaway, which is what started me off wanting to get involved in filming. 

Unhappy in the job I was doing, I soon spotted a gap in the wedding market for video, which gave me a good reason to buy my first video camera. So around 1990, I packed the job in to work alongside my parents offering wedding videos. 

I never got chance to pursue my film career because I became so busy with the weddings. And it continued like this until around 2013 when my parents began to suffer with dementia. And because of this, I stopped doing the videos to care for them.

Whilst I was did this, I took up abstract oil painting as a hobby, which I loved doing and still do. BTW my paintings would make a lovely wedding present ;-)


I feel very fortunate to have been able to work alongside my parents doing what we all loved for so long, and now it is time for me to return to what I do best, wedding videography.