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production style

You will get the best taste of my style by watching my sample videos, but here are some brief descriptions of the coverage, use of the camera, editing, and what I try to achieve whilst producing a wedding video.

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As each wedding is different, I cannot guarantee the same content, but this should give you a good idea of what a typical video might include.



A few moments here to capture the atmosphere and nervous excitement before the Bride leaves for Church.

Don’t worry, I only film the last minute preparations, such as the veil being attached [do they still wear veils?] jewellery being put on, etc.

Often this is where the drinking begins, which always makes a good video because we see the Champaign being poured, and toasts being made.

This also gives me an opportunity of filming some of the wedding cards which people might have sent in the post. It is also a good time to film the bride’s bouquet – whilst they are fresh.


Establishing shots

Establishing shots are often captured whenever there is a change of location. Like the title of a chapter title in a book, they set the scene for the following of the action. In our case, they introduce the following venue and give the video that professional finishing touch.


Marriage venue

At the marriage venue, I’ll begin by filming your guests arriving and continue filming as much as possible until it’s time to leave for the reception – unless, of course, the ceremony is the same place as your reception.

As each wedding is different, the content of this part of the coverage will differ enormously. A small wedding with a reportage photographer might produce a totally different results to that of a larger wedding with a traditional photographer – where there is a lot of activity. Nevertheless, I will endeavour to film all I can to try and capture the essence of your wedding of your particular wedding.


romantic sequence

Depending on your coverage, you might want to take a break from the madding crowd and spend a few minutes with the person you’ve just got married to (oh, and the photographer and videographer). it is opportunity for us to get some lovely arty shots of you both together set to one of your favourite music tracks.

I don’t set anything up here (no one wants a corny video), other than maybe suggest you have a sit down somewhere nice or take a walk in some picturesque location. If you are having a photographer, then I’ll just capture this from afar, including your interaction with the photographer (you might want to politely request permission from your photographer, although we are all working for you, so they shouldn’t object).



Throughout the day, I try to capture all the small details as well. When you look back in years to come, you won’t just see who came to your wedding and what you did, but you will also see the theme and colour scheme of your wedding. I try to capture as many aspects of this as I can: cake, table decorations, room decor, flowers, cars, venues, etc.

You will have worked hard with the design and preparation on your wedding day, and it’s my job to record it for prosperity.




At the reception, the coverage will usually continue until the speeches are finished. This part of the coverage includes such things as the line-up or receiving line [do weddings still have these?]; Bride & Groom being welcomed into the wedding breakfast; cake-cutting; and speeches. I won’t film people whilst they are eating, but otherwise I’ll continue to capture all I can.

For the speeches, I’ll try to work from the back of the room so that I am not blocking anyone’s view, or making the speakers nervous/ This also allows for some impressive wide pictures so that we can see whom the pspeakers are speaking to.


first dance

If the first dance is requested, then coverage will continue until this is done. I don’t offer a full evening coverage, but if there is a lot of people dancing straight after the first dance, and it is reasionably well lit, then I might stay and carry on filming for a little while longer. [mention evening guests arriving]