Experienced professional video filming and editing




Obviously, the filming plays the most important role, but the editing is equally important as it ties all the elements together and tells the story that will generate emotion. Even the nicest scenes won’t come alive if they are not properly edited together.  It’s what differentiate an amateur video from a professional film.

Here I describe some of the basic components of a typical video, such as the opening and closing sequences, childhood photographs, music and sound, titles, slowmo and black & white, stills, etc.

Hopefully, this will give you an idea of what’s included, but feel free to discuss your requirements with me.


opening sequence

To build upon the anticipation of what’s to come, I have an opening sequence which begins with introductory music and titles. If a client has opted for childhood photographs (see FAQ), then these will follow. [do they still do these? Maybe they have videos nowadays?]. To finish off this section, some more titles might appear, such as the date and name of the following venue.


music & sound

Music does play an integral part in my videos, and there are many reasons for this, the main one being that people simply don’t like to hear their own voice. However, there are more creative reasons for using music, such as it helps bring out the emoption of the day, as well as helping to tell the story of your wedding.

Having said that, I don’t over do it, and I only bring it in where I feel it is appropriate. Of course, if the natural sound is interesting or important, then that will be heard instead, or incorporated into the music – I mean that the music would be played quiety in the background if need be.



If you are having a romantic sequence, then slowmo, black and white, and stills (freeze-frames or photographs), will be used here quite a lot, but they won’t be overused.

They’ll are also scattered throughout your video to either enhance or draw your attention to something, such as to slow down the confetti shot or to highlight something that would otherwise be missed. Again, they will only be used to emphasize something but not to distract from your enjoyment.



I take great pride in this part of the video because it will be the last thing you see. Instead of this being a flashback of the day, the emphasis here is to create a collection of the best still images of the Bride and Groom together on their wedding day. Here I focus on the joy and romance shared between the two of them.

It is set to the couple’s favourite piece of music, and incorporates still images, sometimes slowmo, and static and rolling titles.

The titles may list whatever the couple wants, such as who designed the dresses, or who took the photographs. A closing message might also be included to thank people for their contribution or for making their day so special.