Experienced professional video filming and editing


DO We have to provide you with a meal?

Some videographers do stipulate this, but I don't. It is not necessary to provide food. A nice cold drink on a hot day would be nice, but it is not expected.

What do you wear?

I consider myself a guest at your wedding, and always dress appropriately. Although I usually wear a dark suit, shirt and tie to remain unobtrusive.

Are you a nuissance?

I try not to be, and pride myself on being unobtrusive. I try to work from a distance, and I never hold a shot on someone whom might have just spotted me filming them,

I do not set any shots up, but sometimes a scene might need a slight nudge. So I might make a polite suggestion, such as to minimize a very shadowy scene; or to move something that might be obscuring my view.

Also, if I feel that a photographer has not provided me with enough footage for your romantic sequence (if you are having one), then I might request that we take a short walk somewhere picturesque to get some nice shots - totally natural and certainly not setup.

Always remember that I am trying to provide you with the best video I can whilst remaining in the background as much as possible.

How long do the videos last?

As you would imagine, the more there is to record, then longer the videos can be. As a rule, I like to make my videos approximately 60 minutes for a small wedding, and up to 120 minutes for a larger wedding.

If you are having a small civil ceremony with just a few friends and family, then your video wont be too long. But if you are have a large congregation, having a full mass with an hour long speeches, then this is obviously going to be much longer.

But you won't need to watch all of it in one go.

Delivery and presentation

Your videos will be supplied on a USB stick in a presentation box.

As an optional extra, if you have a BluRay player, your video can be supplied on a BluRay disc with chapters and menus.


If your are having any entertainment such as soloists, groups, magicians, doves, or artists, I will try to capture it. As with anything that happens on your wedding day, so long as I know in advance, I'll be able to plan my day's filming so that I don't miss anything out.

Depending on what the entertainment is, different recording techniques may be required, so even though try to use a fly-on-the-wall approach, it's still good to have a heads-up beforehand, Of course, we will discuss this if you chose to book me.

Sound recordings

Marriage services, speeches, line-ups, background music, are all difficult things to record without professional equipment and know-how. This area can easily show the difference between a professional video from that of an amateur.

Proper use of microphones whilst not being obtrusive are skills that I have learn over the years. You can be sure you video will have superb sound.

Music License

I have noticed that many videographers no longer offer this, or only give you a choice of a few songs. I use a PPL (Phonographic Performance License) which enables me to let you choose your own soundtrack throughout.

Vox Pops (guest messages)

As mentioned in my Prices page, recording brief messages from your family and friends is possible. But from experience, I like to dedicate a section of the video solely for this, rather than catching people throughout the day.

Your guests are more likely to come up and say something if they are invited by someone familiar, so I usually enroll your bestman, but you could chose someone else if you prefer.

NOTE: It is not always possible to achieve this because sometimes there isn't enough time or a suitable location.